The effects of calcareous water on the skin and hair

woman washing her face
woman washing her face

The effects of calcareous water on the skin and hair


Water is said to be "calcareous" (or "hard") when it contains too much calcium and magnesium. This calcareous water can have an impact on your body, especially on the skin and hair, causing dryness and itching.

Although it is not harmful to humans, calcareous water causes discomfort and aesthetic problems, which can be potentially avoided with simple precautions.

Skin problems caused by calcareous water

Hard water with high mineral content reduces the skin’s ability to retain water. The skin loses moisture and elasticity, resulting in wrinkles and skin dryness. Dry skin can cause eczema and itching in both children and adults. Other effects of calcareous water on skin are also to be noted, such as clogging of pores and changes in sebum production, a well-known phenomenon in adolescents. 

dry skin

Hair problems caused by calcareous water

The minerals present in hard water make thorough rinsing difficult, leading to an accumulation of soap in the hair that can leave residue. Hard water can cause dandruff and straw-like hair, while the scalp becomes dry and itchy. We then tend to want to wash our hair much more often thinking that this will solve the problem, but the result remains the same. This is because the problem is caused by water hardness, which causes a lack of foaming and difficulty rinsing.

In addition, mineral deposits in hard water may alter the colour of dyed hair, resulting in a copper tone or very fast colour washes, which may involve more frequent dyeing and resulting hair problems. 

dry hair

How to avoid the bad effects of calcareous water on your skin and hair

To achieve shinier hair, softer skin and healthier nails, just wash with fresh water. The absence of limescale in the water will benefit you: to do so, install a water softener. Installing a water softener will do your skin good, reduce acne and promote the healing of other skin-related diseases. In addition, fresh water will make your hair healthier and shinier. In addition, softened water improves foam production, potentially reducing the use and cost of soaps and shampoos.


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