Iron & Sulfur


Iron & Sulfur

Iron & Sulfur

Problem solving and special application cartridge

  • Oxidizing water filter for iron and sulfur in low water volume applications
  • Removes noxious tastes and odors by oxidizing dissolved iron sulfur and manganese (up to 10 ppm)
  • Reduces corrosion in coffee brewers fountain equipment and water coolers
  • Reduces metallic tastes and sulfur (rotten egg) tastes
  • Reduces metallic stains
  • pH range: 6.6 to 8.8

NOTE: No electrical connection required

Contents: Granular of manganese green sand


Part numbers: EV960703


Description codes: 7-OF


Technical characteristics

  • Maximum Flow (lpm)
    • 1.9

Features & Benefits

  • Oxidizes dissoved iron sulfer and manganese
    Removes noxious tastes and odors 
  • Reduces metallic tastes and sulfur (rotten egg) tastes
    Great water taste and quality



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