Softening Residential

Residential Water Softening


Best value for money

The reference for those who are looking for the very best value for money.


You’ll choose a Maxima water softener because you’re environmentally and economically aware. Maxima softeners provide all the benefits of soft water in your own home. They increase the efficiency of your water-heating equipment, reduce your use of cleaning products and prevent expensive repairs and replacements.

Features & Benefits

  • Modern, user-friendly, electronic control panel
    Optimal legibility of settings and statistics
  • Proportional brining : low salt usage proportional to the softening capacity
    Exceptionally low rinse water usage per regeneration leads to minimal salt consumption, with up to 40% salt-saving compared to standard softeners
  • Large salt storage capacity
    Simplified salt load operation
  • Multilingual software
    Plug and play – pre-set to perform at its best
  • Salt alarm
    Never run out of salt without noticing
  • Compact size
    Particularly suitable for installations where space-saving is important

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